Patients Can Now Do Physical Therapy Through Virtual Reality

Patients Can Now Do Physical Therapy Through Virtual Reality

VR Physio lets people participate in physical therapy without having to go to an office or have someone come to their home

Even with the most successful surgeries, post-op care is essential in ensuring a successful recovery. Physical therapy is often prescribed to patients in order to get them back into good physical shape. However, appointments are often hard to book and good physical therapists can be difficult to find. Therefore, Israel-based company VRPhysio was created to get patients access to the physical therapy they need.

Patients have the opportunity to wear a VR headset to strengthen weakened parts of their body. All of the exercises are immersive and fun, providing a way for patients to really get into the movements. For example, patients might be tasked to fill barrels with water to exercise their necks. The technology also utilizes algorithms to track a patient’s body, monitoring changes during trainings. At the end of each session, patients have access detailed summary reports available through VRPhysio’s cloud service. Therefore, progress is easily tracked.

This immersive experience not only makes physical therapy a lot more enjoyable, but also more accessible for patients. They have the opportunity to continue to do exercises at home as well, using a smartphone-based headset.



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