Texas A&M Engineering students get their hands on virtual reality technology

From gaming experiences to training programs for astronauts, there is a wide range of industries that currently benefit from augmented and virtual reality.

“This technology and augmented reality have the ability to change the way we view data the way we view operations around us the way we view safety,” said Rodney Boehm the Director of Engineering and Entrepreneurship at Texas A&M.

Engineering students at Texas A&M got to get their hands on virtual reality glasses and are finding solutions to real-world problems, all thanks to Dell, Accenture, Nvidia, Intel, Unity, and Unreal.

“They are training our students at Aggie Invent, which is a 48-hour workshop we put on so that they can learn how to fix issues many of us struggle with on a day to day basis,” said Boehm.

According to Boehm, students will be building physical devices and virtual environments that will help solve issues in the medical, energy and education fields.

“One of the student teams is working on a pain management solution to a way to reduce peoples pain by bringing them to a different spot and helping them possibly do meditation,” said Boehm.

Elizabeth Bik, an Engineering student at Texas A&M said this experience has really opened her eyes.

“At first, I had no idea that virtual reality could help solve issues beyond just games, there’s a different way that it can be implemented other than just the game usage and I don’t think a lot of people understand that,” said Bik.

“This is a new technology that is just in the very early stages of changing our lives in ways that we can’t even hardly imagine,” said Boehm.

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