Today’s Top Medical News – July 5, 201

A new study analyzes the effects of playing high school football decades later. And how acupuncture might be able to help you lose weight.

A new study finds playing high school football does not cause issues with cognitive impairment or depression later in life.
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania studied more than 39 hundred men who played football in 1957….compared to men who did not play the sport.
They found rates of impairment and depression were similar in both groups at 65 and 72 years of age.
Previous research of “professional” football players has shown the sport can increase the risk of cognitive problems and depression.

Researchers in Hong Kong say acupuncture may help people lose weight.
Over an eight week period, they found those who had acupuncture lost an average of almost five and a half pounds compared to those who didn’t have the treatment.
All of those participating were overweight and had not tried any methods to lose weight three months before the study.

And self-driving cars could soon be able to make moral and ethical decisions like we do.
A German study had people use a virtual reality program that forced them to make quick decisions on whether to hit an inanimate object, animals or humans.
Researchers say their choices can be built into the programming of self-driving cars.

(Don Champion, CBS News)

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