Virtual Reality Apps for Meditation

Here are a few Virtual Apps for Meditation that will work on the Samsung Gear VR or the Google Cardboard VR headset

Virtual reality is made for meditation. Immersed in a cloistered world of your own, you can step away from the stresses of reality to a gentle, calming environment. Meditation itself requires little to no interactivity—after all the goal is to be still. So virtual reality apps require very simple imagery, and often little action, so those designed to encourage quiet reflection work well with lower-end, mobile-based headsets. In other words, you don't need an Oculus Rift to bring upon your inner zen.

Meditation app Zen Zone brings the lights down low so you can focus and relax.

Zen Zone

Zen Zone, an Android-only app, begins with a soothing female voice that take you through your meditative experience, which includes watching butterflies flit around a small pond. Do keep in mind the environment is computer generated. When the first part of the guided meditation is over, everything goes dark around you. Then the voice returns, taking you through the remainder, which includes a full-body relaxation exercise. The app is just 99 cents and made just for Android devices.

Meditate at the beach with the Relaxation VR app.



Relaxation VR: Rest & Meditate

Relaxation VR offers users a choice of male and female voices, and several peaceful beach and ocean environments filmed in high-resolution 360-degree video. From Dream Beach in Portugal to The Rock Pools of South NSW in Australia, the locations actually show moving waves—and you can hear them crashing as well. Select your location simply by looking at them, as a controller is not required. The $1.99 Android and iOS app currently works with Cardboard VR viewers, although the company is developing the app for the leading headsets including Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and also Google Daydream VR.

That's you in a bikini chilling with the Perfect Beach VR app.

Perfect Beach VR

This guided meditation app offers a selection of computer-generated beach environments. You can look down to see your body—or a VR version of it, at least—and you even change your gender and skin color. Want even more control? The app allows you to upload your own music or a guided meditation track. Perfect Beach VR is just 99 cents for Android devices, or $2.99 for Gear VR.

Who wouldn't enjoy a VR meditation moment with Monarch butterflies?

MonarchVR: Meditate in VR

MonarchVR is pretty close to what the name suggests: an app that weaves calming music with a randomly-generated virtual environment filled with Monarch butterflies. There are also birds that chips, wooded areas and sunlight—but sadly no guided meditation track. You'll have to bring your own zen to this VR space. Reviewers also note that moving your head around can blur the imagery, so stillness is encouraged. Proceeds from the 99-cent Android-only app go to support the non-profit Pollinator Partnership, which is dedicated to protecting bees and butterflies.
$0.99 for Android: