VOB Film Festival To Host A Virtual Reality Night


Need a new way to market your business or non-profit?  Come to the VOB Film Festival’s Virtual Reality night and find out how to take your marketing to a new level.

The VOB Film Festival will be hosting its first Virtual Reality Film Night on April 21st at 7:30 at Drew Methodist Church in Carmel. 

The event will be geared toward marketing your business or non-profit with Virtual Reality Film and technology. Take your customers on a real time journey – in your shop, watching your craft and products as they are made or unlocking the value of non-profit to potential donors. 

Guest speaker, Jimmy Giliberti,  will take you through the Virtual Reality experience and explain how to unlock the potential of this cutting edge technology.  Mr. Giliberti has had a career in development and Virtual Reality software. He recently served as Americas Director of Business Development and Sales for World Viz and is currently the General Manager of Number 9, LLC, The Glimpse Group. He has been providing VR solutions for large and small clients.  His Enterprise VR work at the Glimpse Group, has allowed him to focus on broadcast video and independent film making. 

Virtual Reality seems like it has just burst on the tech scene, but it has been in development for over 30 years. The recent wave has been spurred on by affordable hardware aimed at the consumer, and this has helped make it more affordable to businesses. In this program, we will look at some of the major industries that have been using VR for design and development, including medical, architecture, industrial  and training. We’ll have some hands on demonstrations of VR that will allow you to experience what it means walk in a building before a  hammer hits a nail, to create artwork in mid-air, and to experience  walking a ledge hundreds of feet in the air.

We’ll also have a question and answer session to help you get a better feel for what is possible with the technology today, and what is yet to come.

The event is free to attend, however please rsvp by sending an email to
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. For more information, see our website at


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