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Front, from left, Destanee Rhea (Blue Face Paint), Mason Harrison (lying down), James Lease, Brent Taylor, Morgan Lucas, Emily Wilson, Arana Ormiston, Toria Courtney, Hannah Moore, Jayde Caron, Zoie Davis, Elijah Marino; back, from left, Chase Edwards, Avery Francis, Hayes Covert, Kenny Morris (hands on knees), Dana Wilke, Logan Frantz (very back, face not visible), Dillon Garloch, Carleigh Loudon, Brett Blickensderfer, Cami Grindley, Nick Pidgeon, Jatin Patel, Dylan Daley, Joe Baxter, Damian Percy, Justin Goode, Mikala Wyss, Clint Daley, Cole Cameron, Katelin Downs, Cody Grabowski, McKenzie Wallace. (Submitted photo)

The English 10 classes at West Branch High School showcased their research at the first Technology Fair held Nov. 15 in the high school cafeteria. The evening was filled with technological exploration and creativity.

Students successfully 3D printed a cat, launched a rocket, programmed a robotic car to track and follow a line around the cafeteria and much more.

There were also several booth winners: Mikayla Wyss and Hannah Moore were award first place for their “Medical Technology” booth.

Mason Harrison was awarded second place for his “The International Space Station Tech” booth.

Cami Grindley, Zoie Davis and Elijah Marino were awarded third place for their booth “How Screen Time Affects Different Generations.”

Cami Grindley, Zoie Davis and Elijah Marino

Cami Grindley, Zoie Davis and Elijah Marino

Approximately 37 sophomores spent a month researching and writing a paper based on their research. They also built websites to showcase their findings, and created visual boards for interactive booths to share their journey with the community.

Some of the chosen topics included Robotics & the Mars Mission, Virtual Reality, Technology Advancement in the Medical Field, Driverless Cars, 3D Printing, The iPhone X and Smartphone Technology and more.

English teacher, McKenzie Wallace said, “Students not only worked on the formal writing process but they were involved in every aspect of the planning process for the Technology Fair. They worked hard to transform their written work into a website they can share with the community and ways to creatively interact with their audience.

Teachers and students hoped the community enjoyed exploring how technology is impacting their education, personal lives, community, economy and businesses.

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